The session started at 11am on Friday, June 5th. The session was coordinated by Ms. Reena and Ms. Jerusha. The participants were trainees Praveen, Dinesh, Namit, Fazal, Anushka, Sneha, and their parents. It was also attended by the interns. The session started with an introduction of World Environment Day to the trainees by Ms. Jerusha and Ms. Reena. The first item was a drawing activity, which involved the trainees drawing and colouring an animal they would like to be best friends with or which they like. The trainees responded well and drew various animals like dogs, cats, tortoises, etc., after which they held up their drawings. The next activity was watching some videos on World Environment Day and the need and ways to protect the environment. The first video without dialogues was a little difficult for the trainees to grasp, soMs. Reena translated and helped them understand. The two other videos were also explained to the trainees and they were asked what they would do to protect the environment. Most of them responded with “watering the plants” and “not going out during the lockdown”. The session was interactive and the trainees responded well. The Happy Hour was planned by interns Anushka and Niveditha. Overall, the trainees enjoyed the session and learned about the importance of taking care of the environment.


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