We received Mark almost 3 and a ½ years before. Full of respect and curiosity, Mark had trouble remembering things. He couldn’t even remember what he had for breakfast. Mark also struggled to communicate his feelings and hence preferred to be by himself.

Our trainers understood his needs and tailored a programme solely for Mark. The trainers saw that Mark understood better through visualisation. Hence his training consisted more visual components. For example, he was taught social etiquettes by taking to eat-outs like Pizza Hut.

His mother’s help was also sought to enhance his memory. His mother was told to repeat things to him, like what food he had, till it stuck onto his mind.

All this helped him so much so that, he is now the lesson manager of his class- a task that requires to tell the trainer what was taught the previous day, and check if his peer trainees have completed their portions.

His communication skills and personal relationship skills have also improved. He surprised his grandmother with a happy birthday and his aunt by observing that her house was rearranged. He checks on his trainers till they are back home from their office.

Mark has also learned to keep boundaries with respect to personal belongings. He never takes others’ things or lets others take his things without permission. He is very organized and takes care of his things. He demanded for a separate room of his own which he keeps spick and span at all times. He doesn’t let eve his mother near him when he is attending classes. He is also independent in attending phone calls and video calls.

Marks favourite hobbies are cooking and baking, which was also trained at Diya.

Mark, who interned at ANZ solutions for three months, is currently undergoing training so that he be employed at Amazon.


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