Mahesh, a smart young adult with amazing abilities of his own, is very compassionate toward people, he is very caring of his sister as she is a person with visual and hearing impairment. He is empathetic towards his family and friends. He enjoys playing cricket with his buddies. He has a planned schedule during the day and is quite occupied by classes and activities. He’s punctual in class. He can comprehend everyday discussions or general information.

As part of his goals, he was trained on visiting communities. With regular training, he can now purchase everyday groceries from the store nearby like milk, curd, sugar, with the exact amount. 

Distinguishing colors was challenging, he can identify a few colors through the color wheel spectrum. He is very interested in the training program and is always waiting for class to begin. He is attentive and listens to instructions carefully. Mahesh has not missed a single volunteering activity as he enjoys the sessions that are conducted, where he can interact with new people and learn new skills. He has learned to make paper lanterns, decorative ornaments, and improve his coloring skills through the volunteering activities and he looks forward to it. 

Mahesh is currently learning topics on dressing etiquette, grooming, hygiene, Mandala art, and Zumba classes as a part of the volunteering program.


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