It was a celebration with a difference, on the 5th of September.  Diya’s Trainees started sending in wishes and greeting cards over whats app messages two days in advance. Their gesture truly touched our hearts in a special way.

Diya’s Staff have been through very bumpy rides over the last few months. It took tremendous effort, perseverance and dedication from each one to make sure that our training initiatives did not come to a standstill even when the lockdown was announced. Each one of them therefore deserved to be appreciated and acknowledged for the work and hours they had put in to keep the ball rolling.

On the morning of the 5th of September we gathered over Google meet to greet each other and also see what Diya’s larger family of Trainees and their Parents had in store for us. A prayer of thanksgiving was followed by special birthday wishes for Staff celebrating their birthdays in September. We were then in for a pleasant surprise with a video presentation by our Trainees and Parents, each one expressing their gratitude and wishes in unique ways – through words, poems and cards.


Mr Mike Angelo , a parent had this to share, “Words cannot express our gratitude for all that you do for the wards under your care, constantly guiding and supporting them in their endeavor to excel in whatever they do and give them the confidence to overcome their dependence on others and work independently to reach their potential. Thank you for making them savvy with online classes and Hangout meetings. Thank you for your smiles and encouragement. Thank you for your dedication, time and energy. Thank you for making a difference in their lives.”


Our CEO, Maria Santamaria organized a unique relaxation program for the Staff. It was conducted by Mrs Ananya Krishnan. She took us through a session on MINDFULNESS, helping us leave aside the cares of the day and what we were surrounded by and instead focus on our inner selves, breathe in and out to relax every part of our body, from our head and neck right down to our fingers and toes. This was a much needed activity and we truly felt refreshed by the end of the 45 minute session.


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