Since the lockdown, Diya moved its training online and Dinesh’s Life Skills Trainer, Reena has been conducting classes for him via video calls on the basics of budgeting, healthy food habits and the importance of personal hygiene, through pictures, videos and discussions. She also assigns him simple chores to do at home. In our efforts to make him as self dependant as possible, Diya has been providing quick breakfast kits that Dinesh can learn to make for himself.

These include, bread, peanut butter/jam bottles, MTR ready mix Upma packets and wheat noodles. Under supervision and guidance he is slowly learning to make a simple sandwich, boil a cup of water to make the upma or the noodles, serve himself and clean up the food preparation area. Due to certain constraints at home, Dinesh has not been able to attend the sessions regularly.

Reduced social interactions and an extended stay-at-home situation is a very difficult experience for Dinesh. Diya has been mindful of his specific needs at a time like this and is extending a helping hand as much as is possible. We have introduced weekly ‘Happy Hour’ sessions where Dinesh can meet with his friends from Diya over a Google meet call. They use this time to talk, sing, do art and other fun activities together.


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