Joy Of Giving Week – Oct 1 st to Oct 7th 2020

Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”

During the last week of September, Diya’s Trainers conducted special online sessions for our Trainees on the concept of ‘sharing with others’. Videos were shown and discussions were held on the value of sharing, giving to others and also being grateful. Each Trainee was then encouraged to think of someone in their neighbourhood they would like to share something with. Parents too enthusiastically participated in the Joy of Giving Week.

Trainees and their families shared in different ways

  • Sneha gave 5 kgs of wheat flour, toor dal and bourbon biscuit packets to her house help
  • Fazal gave rice, atta and eggs to the family of his house help
  • Angel gave a thank-you card to her neighbor’s maid/sweeper in recognition of all the hard work they do
  • Avanthika gave water bottles to her househelp
  • Ashwin did two Lippan Art Designs, one of which he gifted to Ms Shirley, his Life Skills Trainer and the other to Diya Foundation
  • Harsha shared biscuit packets with his neighbours.
  • Girish shared candies with small children in his neighbourhood
  • Suhas distributed clothes to labourers near his home
  • Chaitanya shared snacks with BBMP workers
  • Calwin shared snacks with people in his neighbourhood
  • Shilpa, a person who is always energetic, shared eatables with her neighbour.
  • Pavithra, fun and loving in nature, donated a pack of rice to her gardener.
  • Steven, polite and sweet, donated a pack of rice to his house help
  • Rachel, joyful and positive in nature, shared a meal with the caretaker of a Cemetery.
  • Rohan, a pleasant person by nature, fed his pet.
  • Mona a well-liked and cheerful person used a digital platform to create a lovely and colorful card for her mother.

Valuable lessons in giving and sharing were learned through this week.


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