I got to interview some of my clients and I asked them some amazing questions regarding food. It was actually fun to talk with them. They were as excited as I was.

I thought they would be so done with home food and would love fast food, but it was just the opposite. They told me they love home food. I asked them whether they loved cooking. Some liked cooking and some didn’t.

Talking about breakfast, they loved chapatti, potato curry, omelette and chicken sausage. When it comes to lunch they like rice, sambar, dal curry and ladies finger. For dinner they like chapatti, potato kurma and egg curry. While speaking about this I felt really hungry!

Then we went to the next topic – their favourite food and restaurant. They said they loved eating puri, soya curry and pizza. They wished they could go out and eat these items whenever they wanted. One liked spicy food and another liked sweet food.

They loved eating with their friends and cousins rather than being with their parents. They told me that good food makes them happy.

When it comes to the important question ‘ how did cooking helped the intellectually challenged’, they told me that cooking created a bond at home and helped them spend some quality time with family. Their family members motivated and encouraged them to do more. Through cooking, they also learned how to manage time. Cooking is a form of nurturing as well as a good stress reliever. Through cooking they found themselves becoming happier and more positive. It boosted their confidence. They could explore using different ingredients and this made them creative in the kitchen.


Sona Susan Tom
BSW student- St. Josephs College, Bangalore


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