On the 30th of March a capacity building workshop was conducted for the parents of our trainee’s at Diya Foundation. The workshop was conducted by Monalisa Mishra, our in-house Nutritionist. Mona highlighted the importance of healthy eating and made it fun by highlighting different groups of ingredients and teaching the parents how to make healthy salads the right way. The parents were taught about the various categories (non-starchy vegetables, fats, starches and proteins, leafy greens) that are involved in making a salad and all the ingredients that are part of each category. Mona discussed with the parents how using all these ingredients will help them make balanced and healthy salads for their children. Mona even discussed the various types of salads (tossed, composed, bound, farinaceous) and how they can be made.

After the discussion, Mona asked 3 parents to volunteer to make a salad using the theory they were just taught. The parent’s then chose some more team members to join them and together they picked their ingredients and worked together to make a healthy salad. All the parents participated enthusiastically and had a lot of fun. Some parents even went the extra mile and focused on the presentation of their salads, making their salad not only healthy but good looking as well! The parents were appreciative of this session and enjoyed how interactive it was. They were equipped and encouraged to continue making salads at home and promote the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.

Thank you to all the parents who participated so enthusiastically and our nutritionist, Mona, who conducted the workshop so well.


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