June 5th World Environment Day


This year our trainees decided to do their bit to save the planet by getting down and dirty! We started off by showing our trainees some videos, explaining the ways in which we are destroying [...]

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Visits from NGOs for awareness and collaboration


On August 8th, August 22nd and September 4th we had staff from Wards, Sambhav Foundation and Guanellam Convent come in to visit Diya to see the Diya Innovations product line and see first hand how [...]

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DIWALI – Time for some team work and fun!


October - the month of festivities and fun - translates to a lot of learning through work. Trainees learn skills in appropriate work behaviors, fine motor skills are put to the test and work targets [...]

DIWALI – Time for some team work and fun!2019-11-07T21:43:27+00:00

Capacity building of Staff


      August 16 and 17 - a special holiday was decided for our students to enable staff to attend the orientation to job coaching planned by Enable India and DNA as a prelude [...]

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Parents, Trainees and Staff Exposure Visit


On August 31st, an exposure trip was organized for parents, trainees and staff to Nav Prabhuti Trust to see how their candidates with autism do such awesome block printing on sarees, pouches, greeting cards, bedsheets [...]

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Employability skills


June 19th and June 26th - volunteers from Morgan Stanley and Groupon came in to work with our adult candidates on employability skills and supporting Diya Innovations with their prep work for Diwali. They worked [...]

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Cooking Techniques for veggies


A team of volunteers from Morgan Stanley came in to teach our adults with intellectual challenges how to wash prep and try different cooking Techniques on vegetables. A challenging task as not everyone likes veggies. [...]

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Teaching preparation and storage of vegetables


  Knowing how to use a knife safely and learning how to prep for a meal are important skills to know in the kitchen to save time in cooking. On June 8th, 2018 our students [...]

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Assisted living training project


    The Diya Assisted living training project began this weekend, Friday evening, June 8th - Sunday evening, June 10th with three adults - Suresh, Ashwin and Tony. A lot of preparation went into it [...]

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TCS World 10k 2018


May 27 - we were blessed with a dry, sunny day and it turned out to be a day of fun and celebration! Suresh, our one and only barefoot runner with cerebral palsy from the [...]

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