Shilpa Iyengar

Ever since Shilpa came to Diya, she has exceeded all expectations and outdone herself from being a proofreader at Studio C Cubed to being the Office Assistant at Diya Foundation. 

She has successfully completed an eighteen-month-long multimedia program while also proficiently proofreading. Apart from this, she also has experience with official duties which include computer-related tasks like scanning documents, sending documents through email, and maintaining databases in excel, which have collectively helped her land her current job. During the onboarding, she presented a self-advocacy kit that explained how people could help and support her better while also sensitizing and educating her co-workers. 

With the help of the training conducted by Diya on personal grooming, self-care, and assisted living, she has learned to become an independent person, capable of looking after herself. She has perfected planning her purchases and can prepare food like chapati, puri, tea, and mouth-watering maggie noodles for herself. She can also make delicious snacks like avalakki for a large crowd of people! 

Apart from cooking, she has explored various other activities as well. She is quite fond of practicing yoga every day and going for walks around her colony. Shilpa makes sure she always participates in the yearly marathons. She also enjoys spending quality time with her friends. They engage in fun activities like playing carrom, watching movies, or solving puzzles from time to time. 

She makes it a point to participate in events like Quizzabled which helps her improve her general knowledge. Aside from this, she takes part in paper recycling workshops that develop her artistic and creative skills. Her parents have also played an incredibly important role in shaping the person she has become. She has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is and we couldn't be more proud!


Mohan is one of the lead workers at Diya Innovation. He has come a long way from not possessing much knowledge about mechanical tools like screwdrivers and spanners, to now single-handedly assembling and setting up cutting and grinding machines. He has a vast understanding of the mechanical requirements needed for a particular task. He also makes it a point to ensure that the workplace is set up for his co-workers beforehand.

Mohan was a modest and reserved person when he first arrived at Diya. However, the exposure he received from the trainers helped him improve his communication and social skills to quite an extent. He would be taken to restaurants and accompanied on walks. He has built very healthy relationship dynamics with his friends as well. His parents have been an integral part of his support structure as well! All his trainers admire the development of his helping and sharing nature.

Early on, he used to struggle with consistency but now, he never misses a day of work! He is also very passionate and enthusiastic about what he does. He has also made a great deal of progress with his commute. All he needs is a paper with the destination name written on it, and he reaches the place by bus, seeking help from passers-byes. We truly applaud all the effort that he has put into becoming the amazing person he is. 


Nameeth’s journey of progress in Diya began with our online training programs. He was educated on the relationship between nutrition and health, identifying food groups, and the importance of a balanced diet.

His life skills Trainer Reena, helped him experience the hands-on training lessons as well. During these lessons, he would be taught how to light a stove, identify ingredients and cook healthy breakfast dishes like vegetable upma and poha.

Aside from cooking, he was also instructed on setting dining tables, washing dishes, and cleaning the food preparation area. He was encouraged to practice daily household chores like sweeping and mopping the floor, ironing, and folding clothes. He also completed lessons on personal safety, money, and time management. Nameeth learned to identify, sort, match, and count coins and banknotes. 

He also took part in leisure activity sessions like arts and crafts or virtual tours of interest. His trainer and his parents are very happy with Nameeth’s enthusiasm and active participation during the classes and for all the progress he has made in the past three months.


“Chaitanya has continued making progress with his life skills lessons thanks to Diya’s online training program”- Chaitanya’s mother

. His learnings included concepts of personal finance like budgeting weekly and monthly expenses for groceries and laundry items. With the help of home maintenance classes, he was encouraged to build a routine by practicing sorting laundry, ironing and folding clothes, sweeping and mopping, and watering plants. 

With the help of Padma (a life skills Trainer at Diya) and his love for cooking, he became quite skilled at tasks like making yummy sandwiches, cutting vegetables, sprouting pulses, cooking tomato rice, baking butter cookies, and making homemade peanut butter. He was also able to bake his own birthday cake along with his mum! 

During the classes, he also learned the importance of planning a balanced meal, identifying the need for proper food storage, sorting cutlery, washing and wiping dishes, and, cleaning the kitchen area. With parental support and regular interactions with his trainer, Chaitanya followed a regular exercise schedule as well! He would take part in leisure activities like drawing and painting, virtual tours of places of interest, and meeting friends from Diya on virtual calls. He has put a lot of effort into his classes and has come a long way in improving his skills.


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