Deepa V

"I have been attending Diya's Weekly Interactive Sessions by Dr. Babita Gupta for two years now. It has brought immense change in my daughter Ashmita.

Ashmita was addicted to junk foods. Diya Foundation's weekly program's guidance has helped me to replace her junk foods to healthy foods like fruits. Now she doesn't crave junk at all.

Ashmita also was obsessed with a particular dress which she wouldn't change at all. Now she is able to differentiate between a dirty/ used cloth and willingly changes her dress everyday. Dr Babita helped me train her thus by the use of perfume on new clothes.

Another change in my daughter that I am indebted to Diya for, is that she can now eat her own food without any help in feeding her. All these years as a mother, I thought she will always need help in eating. But thanks, to the Weekly Interactive Sessions, I have been able to train her to eat on her own with little mess."

                                                                                                                                           -Deepa V, Mother of A. Ashmita

Anantha Prasad C R, S Vijayalakshmi

"Our son Suhas joined Diya Foundation three years ago. The training from the Foundation has brought immense change in his communication skills. He now interacts with people. His response time to questions has decreased.

Suhas, who wouldn't even go near the stove earlier, now cooks rice and dosa after Diya's cooking classes.

Suhas also had some problem with his gait. Arun sir, his trainer, advised us to take him to a gym. Not only his gait has increased, he can run slowly now, and lifts weights without fear.

Diya Foundation also trained him in basic computer skills, using which he attends online classes.

Diya's Weekly Interactive Sessions with Dr Babita Gupta proved very helpful in managing his anger. He does relaxation exercises taught by her twice a day now.

The online trainings by Diya Foundation ensure continued learning at home, since we are also able to know what is being taught, and can help him with the training."

- Anantha Prasad C R,  S Vijayalakshmi, parents of Suhas A


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