Through networking as a Collective via Mission 1000 – an initiative by Disability NGO’s Alliance and Enable India as Implementation Partner, Diya Foundation was one of 6 partner NGOs whose staff, parents and beneficiaries went on a training for the internship opportunities with Corporate Partners.  It has been our experience that having all stakeholders on the same page is a best practice tip for success.

After Internships, our adults then either get hired by the Company they interned with or are taken for job interviews elsewhere.


Philip is employed at Diya Innovations.

Philp, a member of the team since 2012, is an excellent assistant to Sendhil, the production in charge. Philip sets the training programme rolling every morning by making large quantities of gum and paper mâché dough, used in the paper units. He also keeps paper sheets ready for trainees working on newspaper bowls, bins and lanterns. At packing up time, he ensures the workspace is cleaned and kept ready for the next morning. An integral member of the team, he keeps the production process going smoothly by ensuring everyone has what they need.


Shilpa is the Assistant Secretary at Diya Foundation. With support from Diya Foundation, she was able to successfully complete an 18 month long multimedia program, and has been trained in proof-reading. She was also trained on office assistance which includes computer-related tasks like scanning documents, sending documents through email, maintaining databases in excel etc that has helped her land at her current job.  Shilpa has also interned with Thomson Reuters.

Prithviraj Babu

Prithviraj Babu is employed at Diya Innovations.

He has been with Diya since 2011. He is conscientious and diligent at his work. Whether it's making bowls and bins from layers of newspaper or folding paper bags, he painstakingly goes through the steps in the process, ensuring perfection at each stage. Mild mannered, gentle and always smiling, he is a boon to the paper craft team.


Mohan is one of the lead workers at Diya Innovation. A person who didn’t know anything about mechanical tools, even the basic ones like screw drivers and spanners, now single-handedly assembles and sets up the cutting machine and grinding machine. He knows all the tools required for a particular work and sets up the workplace by the time his co-workers come.


Abhilash works in the Recycled Craft unit at Diya Innovations. He is 23 years old and has been with Diya Innovations since 2015.



Bhuvana is employed at Diya Innovations.

Bhuvana has been with Diya since its inception. A silent and hard worker, meticulous in her tasks - bag making, diya painting, sanding of paper mâché and wood ornaments, fan folding paper for wreaths, etc. Over the years she has learned many skills and puts them to great use transitioning easily from one to the next.


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