Diya Foundation offers a Person Centered Career Education Program for adults with  intellectual challenges and developmental delays, cerebral palsy and autism.

Duration of the Program – 3+1 years

Application Date – February/March

Program Content

  • Life Skills: Personal Management; Household Management, Financial  Management.
  • Personal – Social Skills: Self Awareness and self confidence, Understanding and Maintaining  Relationships, Self Dependence.
  • Employability Skills Training:
    • Soft skills training in team building, punctuality and regularity, Quality and Work performance, problem solving, making choices and being accountable for choices.
    • Domain Training is given in the areas of Retail, Hospitality –  (Housekeeping and Food & Beverage), Office Assistant, Digitization.

Internships: Depending on the progress the candidate has made and his/ her eligibility, the fourth year is  utilised for exposure visits and internships with organisations/ companies in the community.

Criteria for Admission

  • Inclusion Criteria: The candidate should be 16-20  years of age and independent in his/  her Activities of Daily Living (personal hygiene, eating and toileting).
  • Any medical or  behaviour related issues must be informed at the outset.
  • Primary Diagnosis should be ID or Developmental Delay , co-morbid features Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, LD, behavioural and emotional issues, and socialization issues, motor issues, communication and language disorder or issues, speech related issues etc.
  • Borderline, Mild to Moderate level of Disorder
  • Persons with Severe levels of disorder can be observed for two weeks and assessed for the  suitability of the training program.
  • Person should show a willingness to train, understand and follow instructions.
  • Parental/ Family support is an absolute must for acceptance into training program.
  • Person should have formal or informal schooling /guidance  and  training/basic knowledge of reading/ writing prior to admission at Diya Foundation
  • If a person is on psychopharmacological medication,  prescription by psychiatrist should be submitted to Diya Foundation as and when consulted.

The candidate will have to come in for an observation period of two weeks during which an assessment would be done. Admission  into the program will be confirmed on completion of the observation period. A nominal  fee of Rs 2000/- will be charged for assessment during the observation period.

Documents required on Admission

  1. One Passport size photograph of candidate
  2. Photograph of family
  3. Aadhaar card of parent and candidate
  4. Disability Certificate, Psychological Assessment Reports
  5. Medical Reports
  6. Report from institution last attended (if applicable)
  7. Income Certificate of parent if one is seeking concession on the fee.

Fees – On admission, a single, and non-refundable deposit of Rs 5000/- has to be paid.  Monthly fees are Rs 3,500/- and has to be paid by the 5th of every month. The monthly fee is  applicable for a period of three years.

Admission Form


Kindly provide correct contact information and answer all the questions.