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It’s not about being perfect; It’s about effort and when you implement that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens


Our Life skills training program encompasses all areas of daily living. The training is person-centered and tailored to work with the strengths of each adult to gain self-dependence in Personal Management: Students are trained on personal hygiene and grooming and learn the important relationship of hygiene and grooming to health and well being. Household Management: Students learn about balanced diets and cooking healthy meals, techniques of cooking and cooking within a budget. They are taught dusting, dry mopping and wet mopping, and the skill of how to keep toilets clean. Financial Management: Our students are taught how to formulate daily and monthly budgets. They learn how to stay within budgets and save. Self Advocacy: Students learn how to represent themselves as people with intellectual disabilities by knowing and exercising their rights. Health and Wellbeing: We provide fitness training using Yoga and dance. Physiotherapy Counselling and Rehabilitation are also provided to encourage the health and well being of our students. Independent Functional Skills: Our students learn to integrate their learning and use them in various situations that demand diverse problem-solving skills like Math, language and Information technology.


All the Life skills training culminates in some ‘real time’ exposure on living together. Students learn the nuances of planning meals, preparing meals, caring and being sensitive to the needs of others, taking turns in doing chores and being supportive of each other. They learn Self dependence and caring for others and how to generalize this learning to other places. They learn about Self Actualization and understanding what’s possible for them where their talents and potentialities are concerned for the future.


Personal Social Skills: Training is given on Self-awareness, understanding strengths, being proud of skills learned and achieved, being self-motivated and the ability to give praise and accept criticism. Job-related Soft-Skills: Students understand the importance of punctuality, regularity, following instructions, listening skills and implementation skills; Job Skills (Retail/ Housekeeping/ Hospitality/ Office Assistant/ Packaging & Manufacturing: Students understand and master the proper techniques and the importance of looking after and maintaining equipment; Commuting and Transportation: The importance of waking up on time and completing all tasks necessary to take transportation to reach workplace on time; Personal Safety: The importance of understanding safety with regard to all aspects of self, transportation, equipment.


After three years of training on Life skills and Employability skills, students are sent on Exposure Visits, Internships for ‘on-the-job’ Skills Training and Apprenticeships. These are designed to expose the students to the World of Work and to get a sense of what employer expectations are out there in the real world. Parents understand the challenges and learn what solutions can be put in place to make it a successful placement.


Students reaching a level of productivity and capability to maintain daily targets, understand the quality of the product, understand the importance of working as a team member to complete an order, are then profiled and interviewed by Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd and Diya Foundation and considered for placement in a supported environment.


Students graduating from the Diya Foundation training program go through a process of ‘on-site’ exposure/ internship training before getting placed into employment. We are proud to say that 14 of our graduates now work in places like ANZ Grindlays, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Aquarelle, Mitti Cafe, Diya Innovations.