First Aid Education – 20th Feb 2019

On the 20th of February, we had Dr. Jayaram, a parent, conduct a session on first aid awareness and education for our trainees at Diya. In the class, he explained about the immediate care that can be given when the trainees or anyone in their family gets an injury, a...

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Capacity Building for Parents – 30th March 2019

On the 30th of March a capacity building workshop was conducted for the parents of our trainee’s at Diya Foundation. The workshop was conducted by Monalisa Mishra, our in-house Nutritionist. Mona highlighted the importance of healthy eating and made it fun by...

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20th Anniversary – 27th April 2019

Our 20th Anniversary Celebration was a day of great joy and cheer. Our staff and trainees worked hard to make the event a success and a time of celebration and gratitude for all the wonderful years that have gone by. In the past 20 years, at Diya, we have seen lives...

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