Trainees day (Nov – 14th) November 14 – A day of fun, celebration and learning

You never know what to expect on children’s day. But one thing is always constant, their unique sense of style! On Children’s Day everyone enthusiastically lunged at the opportunity to dress up in their Sunday best. Since we never pass up an opportunity to teach and help our trainees learn we decided to try something new. This year we decided to incorporate some social skills to help our young adults understand the time and effort that goes into planning a party.

We divided them into different committees like invitation/welcoming, entertainment, decorations and the snacks committee. This was a novelty for the them as they had never before been given such freedom and responsibility! They all planned their tasks together and creatively did their parts to make the day memorable. It was great not just because it was outrageously fun but also because it was a great learning experience. It also helped the trainees appreciate the work that their trainers put in for them.

A few of the students received exciting prizes for best attendance, best work performance, best Peer trainer for the year to give them incentive to be the best that they can be!


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