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My experience as an intern with Diya Foundation

Spending a month with the Diya foundation has been an educational, challenging and creative experience for me. I was given the opportunity to work in an area where my strengths lie to contribute to the organization. Every individual I interacted with- trainer or trainee was kind, giving and understanding. The polite nature of those who were my ‘ supervisors’ continued to empower me and push me to try my best and put in my best effort to contribute. The experience and opportunity given to me is one I will forever be inspired by.

Shivanka Gautam, Flame University, Pune
May 2020

I would like to share my experience as an intern at Diya foundation. I interned for a period of 3 months.

I must say it was a wonderful experience for me. Initially I was given insight about various sessions conducted for the students at Diya. Later, I was given an opportunity to assist in the session with the help of teachers.

Interning at Diya foundation has taught me a lot both professionally and personally. At Diya, every day is a learning day. The students at Diya foundation are trained on various aspects of life such as self care, hygiene, budgeting, cooking, etc. Diya foundation has a professional Social worker who conducts group therapy and case work for the students. This was a major learning experience as a social work student.

Diya foundation not only provides education but empowers the student to be independent. They are always open to new ideas for the betterment of the students and their community.

I would like to thank Sarah Ma’am, CEO for accepting my request and my agency supervisor Elizabeth ma’am for guiding me.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to the staff and undoubtedly the students at Diya.

Looking forward to working with Diya in future.

Preethi Meena, Kristu Jayanti, Bengaluru
March 2020

This internship has personally helped me a lot on improving my skills i.e. crafts. It has helped me gain more insight on developing craft and art therapy for people with intellectual disability. I would also like to thank my agency supervisor Elizabeth Ma’am for guiding me throughout.  It has made me a more responsible person in the society. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Diya team for their feedback. Overall it was a fruitful experience working a Diya. Looking forward to working with Diya Foundation in future.

Magesh Madhan, Kristu Jayanti, Bengaluru
June 2020

One of the most significant lessons I learnt through my internship at Diya Foundation was that being available to observe and listen and investing time and energy is extremely important to make a difference in the learning experiences of people with special needs. Providing them a nurturing environment too is essential for them to discover their potential. Their emotional well being is also very important and needs to be taken care of. I had the opportunity to work with students on the Autism Spectrum. My internship at Diya was a unique and educational experience. It instilled in me attentiveness and patience

Aishwariya J, CMR University
Feb 2020

“When you do it right, social work is larger than your own life.”

– Ogden W. Rogers

As an aspiring MSW student, volunteering at the Diya Foundation was a huge opportunity for me and I would to thank Natalia and my aunt, Edwina for encouraging me to be a part of this organisation. I was eager to learn about Intellectual Disabilities and the behaviour of those afflicted with them. I volunteered at Diya Foundation for a period of 5 months and took back an experience that would make a permanent difference in my career. 

Day one was very intimidating for me as I didn’t have any background experience nor any idea of how I would be contributing to the trainees at Diya Foundation. But the openness and the friendliness of the trainers, as well as the trainees, made me feel more welcome and comfortable.

I was lucky enough to not only be able to inculcate a passion of mine, music, into my work, but also share it with the individuals at Diya Foundation and this made it all the more special for me.

On quiet days, I also helped out with formulating and acquiring learning materials for the trainees. This included picture charts, converting international tests to more suited Indian terms. This process gave me an idea of how non-traditional teaching methods could have more of an impact on an individual. Most of the trainees seemed to be very co-operative and understanding.

I worked under the direct guidance of Ms. Elizabeth, who was always there to help me overcome any obstacle. She also gave me a lot of insight on the work done and how it would impact each of the trainees and how it benefits them in the long run. These conversations gave me a clear cut image of the progress made by each individual. My other sources of help were Mr. Arun, who helped me with a  more hands on experience with regard to technical as well as getting the appropriate material like preparation of flash cards for the trainees, and Ms. Jerusha, who walked me through every activity that ran at Diya Foundation. This gave me more knowledge on the functioning of the organisation.

By the end of my second month, I was well settled and more comfortable with the environment at Diya Foundation. Helping out with group activities as well as individual classes gave me a sense of control and confidence. Unfortunately, my time at Diya Foundation was cut short due to the unwelcome Covid situation, however I would like to thank each and every one at Diya Foundation for helping me grow and giving me clarity on the kind of work that I would like to do in my future as a Social Worker. I hope to continue building this experience with them as well as use this experience as the structural backbone of my career.

Overall, my experience interning at Diya Foundation showed me that, with the right cooperative teaching and skills training, encouraging environments, and  treatment, these individuals are more than just capable of leading a happy normal life.

-Sharuna Anne Washington
April 2020


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