On the 20th of February, we had Dr. Jayaram, a parent, conduct a session on first aid awareness and education for our trainees at Diya. In the class, he explained about the immediate care that can be given when the trainees or anyone in their family gets an injury, a wound or a burn. He showed the trainees a first aid box and discussed with them how the materials of this box can be used to help someone who is hurt. He showed the trainees all the materials that must be included in a first aid box and explained how each is used. Dr. Jayaram then gave the trainees a demonstration on what should be done when someone has sprained their ankle or wrist. He showed them the right way to tie a crepe bandage and then got our trainees to do it themselves and practise on each other. He showed the trainees all the materials required when someone needs to have a wound cleaned and how the right dressing must be done.

At the end of the session, the trainees had lots of questions that Dr. Jayaram answered patiently and accurately. The trainees questions were primarily about what they should do when someone in their family gets injured or is hurt. This session provided our trainees with the skills to perform immediate first aid in case of it’s requirement.
Thank you to Dr. Jayaram for doing such a great job and empowering our trainees.


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