Picture an independent young woman excelling at her first job, a proud youth holding his first paycheck, or a talented artist basking in applause for their work. Yet behind these images lies a hard truth–in India, over 20 million people with disabilities struggle to find work, with less than one-third succeeding. This is why for 25 years Diya Foundation has dedicated itself to training young adults with intellectual challenges in vocational and trade skills. This empowers them to live more independently and to succeed in India’s job market.

“It has been a true pleasure to witness Diya making a difference in the lives of the students as well as their families. They have played a crucial part in building a supportive and inclusive community.”


(former board member)

“Since joining Diya, my daughter has been able to express herself much more easily. Through all the opportunities provided by Diya and SCC, my daughter’s self-confidence continues to soar!”


(board member)

Our Vision & Mission


To witness individuals with disabilities and their families living with dignity and pride in the present while navigating the future with love, respect, and confidence.


Enhance the quality of life and instill dignity in differently-abled adults, we provide training in life skills and vocational skills, build support systems, and raise awareness in the community.

What We Do

We equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their careers and manage their personal lives independently.
Vocational training program A cornerstone of Diya’s mission, the vocational training program teaches trainees skills and trades which are stepping stones into the workforce. Through this program, trainees find internships and full-time employment opportunities based on their unique skill-set.
Pre-Vocational Training Started in 2022, the pre-vocational training program aims to provide foundational skills to individuals between the ages of 15-17. The goal is to better equip adolescents with intellectual challenges to join the workforce by building daily living and personal social skills. The programs’ main focus is on building on existing skills and strengths, introducing new skills to enhance the different roles they can play at home in the different relationships they have, at workplace and in the community.
Personal social skills training  Trainees hone active listening, effective communication, and problem-solving skills to equip them to handle both casual and workplace social interaction. The goal of this program is to equip our trainees with the skill sets necessary to understand and participate in diverse social interactions.

Now more than ever, your donation matters!

Your donation to Diya Foundation supports services for adults with Intellectual Challenge. Right now, those services are more important than ever. Thank you for your continued support at a time when we need it most. The more we can collect the more support we can provide for our programs. Your donations will help impact the lives of not only adults with Intellectual Challenges but their Families as well.

Get Involved!

We offer a variety of volunteering opportunities for individuals, student internships, corporate employee engagement. Your support is vital to our Mission of creating support structures for our adults with intellectual challenges at home, at work and in the Community.

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