On Friday, 22 September 2017, the Dept of Arts from St. Vincent Palloti College hosted 30 trainees of Diya Foundation for lunch and leisure as part of the department’s social study. The HoD, staff of the Department of Arts and 30 students from Vincent Palloti, visited Diya Foundation. Each student escorted one trainee back to college.
Rev. Fr. Arockiasamy, Director, SAC presided over the with a prayer and blessing and the students sang hymns to welcome the trainees. The students interacted with the trainees and asked them what they do at Diya Foundation, their likes, dislikes, hobbies and favourite foods. They prepared an elaborate spread of home cooked meals and asked each trainee about their favourite foods from the spread, and served it to them.


After the meal, they escorted the trainees to the auditorium for some fun activities that consisted of lots of games and dance programmes by the students. At the end of each dance, the trainees were invited on the stage to mingle and dance with them. They were in awe of the trainees’ dance moves and enjoyed themselves. Musical chairs and balloon games were played that taught, hand and eye co-ordinations, teamwork and following instructions. The trainees enjoyed this whole experience of interaction and socializing with the college students. The students were touched by the response from the trainees, they mingled with no inhibitions and enjoyed the afternoon, spreading their fun and laughter.


The program was concluded with a few words from the Principal, Ms. Usha Priyadarshini. She said that every individual had amazing talents, that it was a pleasure to experience the humbleness of the trainees and that it meant a great deal to her to be part of the programme. Steven, our trainee from Diya gave the vote of thanks on behalf of Diya Foundation.