This year’s World 10k Run is just around the corner and we’re all keyed up! At Diya, our trainees and staff have been preparing for over a month now with a morning run in a nearby campus, along with learning to keep themselves hydrated and limber.

We’ve got some awesome sources of professional advice in Gul & Reeth, and some of our trainers have put in a superb effort in creating an upbeat soundtrack for our runners. Apart from the fundraising opportunities, it’s really heartwarming to see the team spirit in action everyday, with our trainees egging each other on, and their glowing, healthy faces when they return to the Diya premises to begin the day’s work and study programs.

Our trainees on their morning run
Our trainees on their morning run

How’s your training coming along? Do you have a regimen to recommend? Tell us! 🙂

The TCS World 10k 2016 – Rarin’ to go!

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