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Stories of Transformation

Diya Foundation believes that each individual has a unique life story. To help each differently abled individual chart a path that’s personally fulfilling for them, Dia Foundation acts as a catalyst. We offer spaces in which these individuals can maximise personal abilities, learn vocational skills and get involved with family, friends and society in ways that help them live as independently as possible. Diya Foundation is an instigator, bridging the significant gaps that differently abled individuals otherwise face once they complete school. Here we help them transition from school to work and on to charting a life path of confidence, happiness and security.

Our happiest stories are of the life changes we help bring about in individuals who before engaging with us never saw themselves as being capable individuals who can lead high quality lives.


Weaving mats for sports day


A family grappling with difficult circumstances, the untimely death of the father, five mouths to feed and a mother struggling to keep the family afloat by giving Arabic lessons – this was Ayesha’s story when she came to us.  READ MORE


Cooking with friends!


You often become what you’re told you are. That has never been more true for anyone than for Ganesh whose family believed that he needed be sheltered from everything in the world around him because he was differently abled.  READ MORE


A speech impediment is not a minor problem. But when combined with being differently abled, it can affect a person’s self-perception, ability and willingness to make friendships, as well as what others think you are capable of. Rakesh’s speech impediment added another aspect of immense struggle to the ones he was already facing as a differently abled person. READ MORE



The shift that happens when a person who is blind to her own potential suddenly realises that she is extraordinary in so many other ways is electrifying. Mehek’s story is one of tamped down effervescence and discouragement that came from a lack of challenge in her life.READ MORE



Change can be as overwhelming as a tidal wave. For Raisa, coming from a Muslim family that sheltered her for most of her life, joining Diya was a move that demanded a lot from her. Initially, the rules and routines, the work, and the swirl of activity around her left her feeling bewildered. Her hands trembled with nervousness as her shy and reticent personality was constantly challenged.READ MORE



The much-indulged younger son of a pastor, Sheffan led a very sheltered life till he joined Diya Foundation. Used to not lifting a finger at home, whether to do chores or even help out with simple tasks, he was confounded by the idea of work when he joined Diya.READ MORE



For a young adult with with cerebral palsy, life is a series of of enormous physical and emotional struggles. Despite this, Prakash, one of the trainees at Diya has studied up to 12th grade. A much-loved only child, Prakash struggled with tasks that required detail and fine motor skills when he joined Diya.READ MORE



Abhilash (Right)Haven’t you heard about how flowers cannot bloom without sunshine? It’s the same for people. Despite the many hurdles that Diya’s differently abled trainees face, it’s the sense of freedom and independence that Diya nurtures in them that allows them to come into their own. Abhilash came to Diya Foundation with little to no social skills.READ MORE