When Rekha first joined Diya, she simply would not do any work. She was assigned to the chocolate room but she would just sit at the dining table and stare at everyone while they made chocolates. To improve her motor skills, she was taught how to sweep, mop and wash vessels – she accomplished all these tasks with gusto. Next, she was tasked with cutting fruit to improve her fine motor skills. She learnt to cut the fruits but unfortunately because of an eyesight issue, she was unable to see the seeds and so would add the cores to her cut fruit bowl as well, unless she felt the seeds with her hand, then she would remove them.

She was assigned to wash the chocolate moulds, not as easy as it sounds, all the corners and crevices of the moulds have to to be thoroughly washed before the next batch of chocolate can be made and this takes a bit of elbow grease. The Diya trainers were unsure whether Rekha could be trained to wrap chocolates, but once her training started, she exceeded all expectations. She was first given practice on wrapping wax chocolates but now Rekha is an absolute pro, she can wrap a whopping eight hundred pieces in a day! Not a task for the faint-hearted, she even outdoes some of Diya’s most skilled trainers with her astounding numbers. In addition to this, Rekha now takes initiative and washes vessels in the kitchen all without being told to, this is a major change from when she first started.

Because of her amazing progress Rekha has been absorbed into Diya Innovations where she is able to earn a salary to take home and support her family. If it weren’t for her eyesight problem, Rekha would have been able to do the complete chocolate production process on her own. Truly, she has grown by leaps and bounds here at Diya.