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At DIYA training begins with the Admission Process where students’ current abilities and skills are gauged, student and parent expectations are understood and the goals and discipline of future training is explained.

If the student meets the admission criteria a three month trial period is suggested wherein the student has a chance to settle in and general assessments are made as to current levels of the student, parent expectations and program expectations can be met and decision taken on granting admission. On completion of three months, the Admission form is filled out in detail and all necessary documents are filed.

Pre-Vocational Training:

  • Training on basic skills related to functional academics, personal-social abilities, general work orientation

  • Developing interpersonal skills and group dynamics;

  • Developing a positive self-concept;

  • Understanding the concept and discipline of work.

Life-Skill Training:

Daily LIving Skills:

Managing personal finances, home maintenance, caring for personal needs, personal safety skills, eating habits and planning balanced meals, responsible citizenship, availing community resources, planning proper use of leisure time activities;

Personal-Social Skills

Achieving self-awareness, acquiring self-confidence, achieving socially responsible behavior, maintaining inter-personal skills, making responsible choices, Achieving independence.

Occupational Guidance and Preparation:

Identifying occupational aptitudes and interests, making realistic choices, identifying occupational needs, exhibiting appropriate work habits and behaviors, meeting demands for quality and work pace, ability to apply and interview for a job;

Sheltered Workshop:

  • Training and employment in Papier-Mâché and paper products: fridge-magnets, Paper lanterns, fairy lights, papier-mâché bowls, magazine holders, coasters, use-n-throw paper pens, gift bags: Handmade or brown paper, newspaper bags, gift tags and greeting cards.

  • Training and employment in Candle making: ornamental and designer candles; diyas.

  • Training and employment in Chocolate making. Chocolates in a variety of flavours are sold under the brand name: Chocolyn

  • Training and employment in computer data entry.

  • Training and employment in Screen Printing

  • Training and employment in Gardening skills.

Supported Employment:

Placements in Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd – a project of Diya Foundation that provides employment to the differently abled, Integrated Community Settings.