Diya Foundation Graduates


Abhilash aged 23 years and diagnosed with Mental Retardation was a big concern for his parents, who never entrusted him in anyone’s care.  They were so protective of him that they never let him out [...]


Bhuvana aged 35 is with Down Syndrome but that has never been an excuse for her to be one of the great workers Diya Innovations has today.  Bhuvana has been with Diya since its inception. [...]


When Rekha first joined Diya, she simply would not do any work. She was assigned to the chocolate room but she would just sit at the dining table and stare at everyone while they made [...]


Ayesha aged 25 years has been diagnosed with a Moderate Mental Retardation.  She began work in the paper unit when she first came to Diya Foundation in 2010. Childish in nature she found it a [...]


Bhagyaraj aged 34 years was diagnosed with Mild Mental Retardation but is extremely enthusiastic, meticulous, earnest and a hard working.  A very happy and gentle personality, he joined Diya Foundation in 2010 and proved to [...]