On the 10th of June , Diya was bustling with excitement and happiness – We were going on a picnic!! The venue was Rainbow Drive.

We were joined by volunteers from a very supportive MNC Partner and we were off on a journey filled with songs, music and dance. It was a fun filled day with activities ranging from Queen of Sheeba to football. Our students  had the opportunity to try out all the games planned out for them. This brought out a side of them we never get to witness daily. Some of our students displayed agility, a sense of fun and a competitive spirit.

Kavitha and Mohan, both mildly intellectually challenged, picked up the rules and concept of the Dodgeball game quickly and played extremely well. Sudhir, who is moderately intellectually challenged, displayed a great sense of focus and direction while playing football when kicking the ball into the goal. Siva, whose cerebral palsy has affected her left side, displayed an extremely good hand eye coordination while playing badminton.  The Diya staff also made the most of this opportunity and took part in all the games along with the students. Some of our wheelchair bound staff were absolutely brilliant at playing badminton and volleyball. Most of all, everyone had tons of fun!!

Our day ended with dancing to popular numbers where everyone joined in to shake a leg. It was a fun day that we will never forget.

Fun at the picnic
Fun at the picnic



Picnic Time!!!!

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