August 16 and 17 – a special holiday was decided for our students to enable staff to attend the orientation to job coaching planned by Enable India and DNA as a prelude to the commencement of the ‘Train the Trainer’ project to empower and create more trainers to fill in the shortage of job coaches and committed trainers that most NGOs are facing. A few more orientations are on the anvil to get a good pool of interested people together for the job coaching training.

On Saturday, August 18th a workshop was conducted by the Child First Foundation for the staff on child safety and a safety policy is being put in place as a result of this. Staff and all concerned will sign an Oath to protect our students.

On Saturday, August 25th, a health and wellness workshop was conducted for the staff by Mona our health counselor and her friend, Shanu a fitness trainer who gave the staff tips on fitness and exercise to stay fit. We are looking forward to a more healthy, vital and positive staff force along with students and their families also being fit and in good health thus, impacting their quality of life.