Volunteer engagement is a way to create an awareness in the corporate world of what’s possible for our adults with intellectual challenges with regard to skill development and work opportunities. On May 11th 2018 one such opportunity arose, wherein 25 of our trainees along with their trainers and volunteers participated in a workshop at Spinning Wheel on recycling to make useful products. The event was organized by a multinational corporation, their volunteers shared their time and knowledge with us to make it a day of fun filled learning of new skills and discovery of hidden talents.10
A big ‘thank you’ to the Spinning Wheel team for their hospitality, patience, creativity and sharing of knowledge on how to use every day waste to come up with beautiful, usable products.
Also, a big ‘Thank you’ to our volunteer team who made this possible and contributed to this huge impact in skill building. We hope you had fun too and took away some great learning.13