Game of Life – McAfee volunteer engagement

On May 17th, a group of volunteers from Sky High Event /McAfee came to Diya for a fun day with our adults with intellectual challenges. The Game of Life is a training curriculum to teach the game of football and it's discipline through fun activities imparted to trainers by a team from Israel. The 'Game [...]

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Inauguration – The inception of Diya’s assisted living project

On May 15, 2018 Diya inaugurated a new project : Assisted living. The apartment is located just opposite Diya Foundation in Kalyan Nagar. The apartment has two bedrooms, a hall and kitchen that will allow 3 students and a staff to plan, cook, clean, care for each other, respect and look out for each other [...]

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Capacity building : Learning new skills

  Volunteer engagement is a way to create an awareness in the corporate world of what's possible for our adults with intellectual challenges with regard to skill development and work opportunities. On May 11th 2018 one such opportunity arose, wherein 25 of our trainees along with their trainers and volunteers participated in a workshop at Spinning Wheel [...]

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The Ritz Carlton – Diya CSR Impact: May 3, 2018

On May 3, 2018 several adults with intellectual challenges that are undergoing training on personal hygiene, grooming and housekeeping skills at Diya were invited to the Ritz Carlton for a demo on how to service a room for a guest and take note of the quality standards expected in the Hospitality industry. It was a great learning [...]

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Sensitizing Young Minds

Diya Foundation received an invitation from CMR National Public School to come over with a few trainees who would share their stories and challenges to the students. The students had received a project where they had to come up with various ideas and innovations that would benefit people with disabilities. On September 26, 2017, Monisha [...]

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Vincent Pallotti and the Joy of Giving

On Friday, 22 September 2017, the Dept of Arts from St. Vincent Palloti College hosted 30 trainees of Diya Foundation for lunch and leisure as part of the department’s social study. The HoD, staff of the Department of Arts and 30 students from Vincent Palloti, visited Diya Foundation. Each student escorted one trainee back to [...]

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We Give Back

With the Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Festival) coming up , Diya decided to give back to the community in the form of a sensitization program that creates awareness about the differently abled. We decided to conduct this program at colleges where we would be interacting with the youth of today and the change makers [...]

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Sahyog 2016

It was that time of the year when Sahyog came knocking on the door. Sahyog is a student initiative by the Department of Professional Studies in association with Centre for Social Action, Christ University. Sahyog gives the visually impaired, disabled and differently abled a platform to showcase their talent before the public.  This year the trainees [...]

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